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Ap Stooker

I AM  – Ap Stooker.  Founder and CEO of EJR Radio (formally known as EDM JAM RADIO)

In 2012 I started EDM JAM RADIO to provide a platform for deejays and producers in the house music and electronic dance music scene.  At this time, many of those deejays and producers were bootstrapping their careers within their own markets and were looking for opportunities to expand their markets and grow their audience. The positive response received from deejays in Europe and the United States inspired me to expand my vision. It was at this time that Mary H. joined the station. Together we worked hard with a shared and expanded vision that included adding deejays from various geographic locations in order to expand the station’s reach. Mary H soon accepted the position of VP of Marketing and earned the position of second in command.

EDM JAM RADIO soon began attracting world renowned artists to the station, such as Get Far, Antonio Giacca and Clint Maximus. The stations strong brand name allowed us to secure talent such as Todd Terry, Ming, DJ Hell and many others. Keeping true to our strategy of having talent from local and international markets, we were able to provide our audience with a wide range of talent both geographically and by musical genre, approach and style.  EDM Jam Radio offered live mixing shows in real time, internationally syndicated shows and branded mixed shows from deejays around the globe.

Keeping with its original vision of curating the programming, EDM Jam Radio is authentic. When we say that a show is ‘LIVE”, the deejays spin in real time while streaming during those programming hours. All work that we secure for the station is “Official”, meaning with the expressed cooperation of the artist and his / her management team. Our listeners and sponsors can be assured that all we do is official, professional and curated for our station. Additionally, EJR Radio provides full marketing support and promotion for all of the shows. This support is consistent and in keeping with our branding. Our talent and our sponsors can expect full professional support within this regard.

In 2014, we began to see the results of our hard work with successes like Big Liberty Music Festival in Philadelphia where I and other station deejays were asked to perform, , The Comfort Sessions Live from club Magistrat in Amsterdam,  ADE 2016 Live with Consisted Records Drink N Beats, live streaming of deejay and label showcases such as Interlink Live From New York and Electric PussyCat  where we provided marketing support, interviews and presented the showcase to a global audience via audio streaming.

In keeping with changes within the industry, it was at this time that we decided to modify the station name from EDM Jam Radio to EJR Radio, thus reflecting the fact that station deejays of over 50 resident deejays were spinning all forms of house music and electronic dance music as always.

Changing the name from EDM JAM RADIO to EJR Radio represented my biggest challenge in 2016.   Our carefully managed and successful branding was at risk. But the change proved to be successful with our recognizable logo. We are still the same, and even improved station. EJR Radio, house and electronic dance music. Music In Motion and so are we.

The new name came with an addition of staff bloggers from Amsterdam, Warsaw, Poland and Sharm El Sheik, Egypt.  You can find music charts, a better and more interactive website and our ever pointed marketing and promotion to support our deejays.

As Founder and CEO – I am also responsible for the station graphic art work and design and managing my record label AS Recordings. As an awarded professional photographer I provide photography and design for those in the music industry including deejays, producers, cover art requirements and vocalists from around the globe. I am thrilled to present my own  internationally  branded LIVE show Apsolutely Dance every Sunday 12am till 02am CET live on the station. I also have produced several EPs and continue pursuing performance opportunities across the globe.

I welcome your feedback so feel free to reach out to me. To book me in US, Asia, Europe contact me directly at apstooker@ejrradio.com   I look forward to hearing from you!


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